Single Person Platform
Single Person Platform
Single Person Platform
Single Person Platform
Single Person Platform

Single Person Platform

Single person suspended platform is a kind of suspended scaffold operated by one person. It is convenient to move or turn, quite suitable for decoration of outer wall, plastering mortar outside wall, heat preservation, painting, glass installation of curtain wall, cleaning and marble sticking, etc.

Features of Single Person Suspended Platform
1. Single person suspended platform is a kind of highly efficient, multifunctional high rise building cleaning and maintaining device. It is mainly used in the external wall, curtain wall and window glass installation, decoration, cleaning and maintenance of high rise buildings. It is also applicable to the checking and maintenance work of oil depots, large tanks, chimneys, bridges, dams, and wind driven generators, and so on.
2. This suspended platform is compact in structure, light in weight, and is easy to install and convenient to store and transport. It is widely used in the construction operations of various complex buildings and is especially suitable for use in places where there is limited space.
3. Our single person suspended platform is mainly made up of hoister, working platform, safety lock, electric control system, and inhibiting device, etc.
4. It uses LTD6.3 type hoister and is driven by three phase asynchronous disc brake motor.
5. Its highly efficient safety lock is the key component part to ensure the safe operation of single person suspended platform. The safety lock can prevent the suspended platform from falling when the driving cord is broken.

Lifting Speed9.2±0.5m/min
Platform Length1.2m or 1.3m
Hoist Power1.5kw
Hoist Height100 ~ 200m

As a professional single person suspended platform manufacturer in China, we can produce not only single person suspended platforms, but also steel suspended scaffolds, aluminum alloy suspended scaffolds, hoists, safety locks, etc. They are all of high quality and low price.

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