Metamax Needle Felt Filter Bag

Metamax Needle Felt Filter Bag

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The metamax needle felt filter bag has an excellent chemical resistance and dust collecting capacity, leading to its wide usage in chemical factories, iron and steel plants, cement plants, fire brick processing and more.

Features of the Metamax Needle Felt Filter Bag 1. Excellent temperature resistance: This filter is able to work at temperatures as high as 204°C, and a surge temperature of 240°C.
2. Great stability: At 240°C, the thermal shrinkage rate is only 1%.
3. Fire resistance: This filter bag will not decompose or carbonize until it reaches a working temperature of 400°C or an LOI (limiting oxygen index) of 30. It also features no risk of spontaneous combustion.
4. Chemical resistance: Metamax filter bags are great for use in asphalt and concrete mixing as they will not become corroded by a low concentration of acid and alkali, most hydrocarbons, or a small quantity of fluorides.

Technical Parameters

Product name Metamax needle felt filter bag
Weight(g/m2) 500
Thickness(mm) 2.20
Air permeability(L/s/m2) 120-200
Warp Breaking strength(N) Weft ≥1200 ≥700
Warp Elongation at break (%) Weft ≤60 ≤80
Continuous service temperature( ℃) 204
Surge temperature ( ℃) 240
Warp 250℃ Shrinkage rate Weft <1 <1
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