Label Cutting Machine

The label cutting machine is composed of an infeed and unwind section, a cutting knife, and a conveyor belt. It includes a hot/cold cut single machine and ultrasonic cut single machine.

The hot/cold knife cutting machine is primarily used for cutting tape, while the ultrasonic wave cutting machine is often used to handle ribbons.

The stepper motor controls the infeed and unwinding system, enabling the unwinding speed to stay at the same pace as the feeding roller and avoiding the wrinkling of the ribbons.

When the tape is carried on the operation table, the optoelectronic switch monitors the status and guarantees the precision of the cutting position.

Minghui's ultrasonic cut single machines utilize 30k ultrasonic waves to cut labels making no noise and containing a high welding speed.

Minghui offers the following types of ultrasonic label cutting machines:
MHQ-70G high-speed ultrasonic label cutting machine, which can easily set the pressure of the cutting knife on the operation panel.
MHQ-70C low-speed ultrasonic label cutting machine, which adjusts the cutting knife to control its pressure.

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