Scaffolding Ledger Welding Machine
Scaffolding Ledger Welding Machine

Scaffolding Ledger Welding Machine

Ledger Welding Machine / Scaffolding Welding Machine / Welding Machine

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Sophisticated and automated welding system for revolving bodies
Modular structure
The scaffolding ledger welding machine consists of 2 CO2 gas protected welding powers, 2 wire feeding structures, arc welding system controlled, welding equipment and welding tools.
This machine also features an excellent anti-interference, highly stable speed adjustment, easy operation and high rate of automation, all making it extremely reliable.

Workpiece attributes
Material type: carbon steel
Diameter: 48.3mm
Length range: 500 – 3050mm

Welding technology and requirements
Gas shield welding, CO2 or argon gas
Spot welding for tube and disc first, or no spot welding needed
Welding seam concentricity and alignment tolerance are less than 1.5mm
Clamp part: inner chuck at the front end, pneumatic clamp/release; pneumatic jacking device at the tail end, customer needs to get their own air supply

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