Slitting Line

The slitting line is used to slit coiled steel strips into several narrow strips in specific sizes. The slit strips are then rewound into coils, from which welded pipes, cold-formed sections, and presswork are manufactured.

Our slitting line is able to process steel coils of any materials, such as hot/cold formed steel, galvanized steel, painted steel and more. We have 7 slitting line models available to choose from, allowing us to ensure customers find their ideal slitting line.

Different slitting lines are chosen according to customer processing material, material thickness, requirements for slitting accuracy, equipment strength, and durability. All of these factors must be carefully considered when designing each slitting line unit, and each production line is strictly designed to meet customer requirements. We aim to provide the best line for individual customer needs.

Our slitting lines are divides into three series (7 models in total) for customers to choose from in order to meet their specific needs.

  • Three models for thin coiled steel slitting line:
    (0.4-2.0)mmx1250mm Slitting Line
    (0.5-3.0)mmx1300mm Slitting Line
    (0.6-4.0)mmx1600mm Slitting Line
  • Three models for medium thick coiled steel slitting line:
    (1.0-6.0) mm×1600mm Slitting Line
    (2.0-8.0) mm×1800mm Slitting Line
    (3.0-10.0) mm×2000mm Slitting Line
  • Thick coiled steel slitting line:
    (4.0-16.0) mm×2200mm Slitting Line

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