Downhole Drilling Motor
Downhole Drilling Motor

Downhole Drilling Motor

Downhole Drilling Motor


Working Principles

The downhole drilling motor is a kind of positive displacement motor (PDM). High pressure drilling fluid goes into the PDM drill through drilling rod, and the rotor rotates under the action of hydraulic pressure. The torque is thus transferred to the drill bit.



The downhole drilling motor is composed of bypass-valve assembly, motor assembly, cardan shaft assembly, transmission shaft assembly and guiding assembly



Directional sub, bent sub, cardan shell, flexible shell, replaceable stabilizer and shell anti-dropping device



1.      The downhole drilling motor is designed with adjustable shell to accommodate for 19 slopes ranging from 0 degree to 4 degrees.

2.      The heat-resistant motor can normally work under high temperature over 180°.

3.      The rotor is coated with corrosion-resistant tungsten carbide to so as to suit saturated saltwater mud application.

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