Analyzer Shelter, Analyzer House
Analyzer Shelter, Analyzer House

Analyzer Shelter, Analyzer House


An analyzer house is installed on site, and is an open air equipment piece often used in chemical factories and other process sites. It is equipped with explosion resistant online gas analysis instruments, explosion resistant control instruments, a power supply system, ventilation system, lighting circuit, gas, and standard gas used for analytical instruments.

The Analyzer House not only provides on-site analytical instruments a safe working place with constant temperature and equipotential shielding but more importantly, it integrates analytical instruments, sample pretreatment, and the sample recovery systems in order to facilitate the on-site installation, commissioning and maintenance of analytical instruments.

  • The overall structure is a welded steel frame, and the inner and outer walls and roof are assembled by N-shaped steel plates, ensuring overall stability.
  • The outer wall is made of 1.5mm thick stainless-steel plate with a load capacity of 250Kg / m2.
  • The inner wall is made of 1.5mm thick stainless-steel plate or surface-painted carbon steel plate with a load capacity of 250Kg / m2.
  • The maximum bearing capacity of the roof is 500 Kg / m2.
  • 70-80mm thick flame-retardant insulation material is filled between the inner and outer walls and the roof.
  • The door is the swing-out type and has an observation window of tempered glass.
  • damping limit door closer and pusher type lock for evacuation.
  • Floor: 6mm thick pattern steel plate, topping anti-static resistance fire rubber floor.
  • The roof is equipped with a lifting lug.
  • The House is sealed, waterproof, dust resistant, and insulated. The outer casing level has an IP65 protection level.
  • A gas cylinder mounting bracket and a gas cylinder guardrail are installed outside of the House.
  • There is a canopy outside the House.
  • There are electrical main grounding terminals and outer casing grounding terminals outside the House.
Technical characteristics
  • A fully enclosed system to create the safest environment for on-site analysis
  • With dust resistant, waterproof, anti-static, fireproof, vibration resistant, explosion resistant and other functions
  • With constant temperature, humidity, isolation of environmental pollution, resistance to on-site interference and other functions.
  • Overall grounding, grounding electric resistance is less than 4 Ω
  • Uses PLC integrated control technology to make the system stable and reliable
Main components of the system

Explosion resistant outdoor lighting, explosion-resistant sound and light alarm, explosion resistant switch, explosion-proof ventilation fan, flammable, toxic gas alarm.

Air conditioning, analytical instruments, workbench, and other components can be adjusted according to customer needs.

Application areas

The Analyzer House is suitable for continuous automatic measurement, analysis, and control of the material composition and content in the production process, and will meet any special environmental conditions required by the online analytical instrument integrated system, such as temperature, humidity, dust resistance and explosion resistance. It is widely used in chemical fertilizer, chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, medicine, biochemical and other industries where flammable, hazardous gas is prevalent.

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