Hydraulic Tong
Hydraulic Tong
Hydraulic Tong

Hydraulic Tong

Hydraulic Tong

Hydraulic tong is an ideal wellhead tool used for making up and breaking out drill pipe. It is widely used for oil and gas drilling operations. This hydraulic tong is designed and manufactured according to SY5074-85 standards. It has many advantages over electric or pneumatic drive tons, like higher reliability, smaller size and lighter weight, larger torque, and better flexibility. In addition, our hydraulic tong uses less wearing parts. As this tong uses three-point planetary cam mechanism, it achieves a wide tightening range and can tighten the pipes and couplings without changing dies.

Parameters of Hydraulic Tong

1.      Suitable range (mm): Φ40-Φ89

2.      Rated torque at low speed (KN*m): 3.2

3.      Rated torque at high speed (KN*m): 1.2

4.      Max. torque (KN*m): 4.0

5.      Rotate speed at low speed (r/min): 36

6.      Rotate speed at high speed (r/min): 120

7.      Max. opening of main tong/ backup tong (mm): 95/116

8.      Max. transport weight (K): 102

9.      Rated torque of oil motor (N*m): 400

10.  Rated rotate speed of oil motor (r/min): 255

11.  Rated capacity of oil motor (l/min): 80

12.  Rated differential pressure of oil motor (Mpa): 10

DezhouRundong Company is an ISO9001 certified hydraulic tong manufacturer and supplier, located in China. We provide fishing tool, cementing tool and hose, etc. We can also provide customized equipment and accessories according to customer’s special requirements and equipment needs. If you have any interest in our products, please click on the related pages or contact us directly. We look forward to hearing from you.


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