Needle Tine

Needle Tine

JDY’s tines are compatible with a variety of lawn aerator machines. Tines are produced by experienced engineers who are experts in understanding the requirements of lawn maintenance equipment performance.

With an excellent working effect and smooth inner and outer tine edges, the required mowing rate for lawn maintenance is easily met.

During lawn maintenance and punching processes, sand in the holes is unable to be completely removed, which often leads to local deformation of the lawn and bottom layer knots. JDY’s tines minimize the punching and actuality on the lawn, so that the sand volume removed is reduced, thus reducing customer operating costs.

Tine Specifications
JDY Needle Tines L Shaped
JDY PN.Replace OEM PN.Mount Length Tip O.D
JTCU15712 TCU15712 5mm 102mm 5mm
J100-3620 100-3620 5mm 163mm 5mm
JTCU15726 TCU15726 8mm 127mm 8mm
J100-3621 100-3621 8mm 187mm 8mm
  • Tines can be customized according to your specific requirements.

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