Scaffolding Frame System
Scaffolding Frame System

Scaffolding Frame System


Our scaffolding frame system is designed for quick and convenient assembly while offering superior load bearing capacity and a high safety factor. The frame system is constructed from Q235 steel or Q345 steel depending on customer requirements. When used in cold environments, the frame can be made from Q345D steel as it can bear large impacts under 20 degrees below zero without risk of failure.

  • The frame system is suited for formwork props in building, halls, bridges, viaducts and tunnels, or as the main shoring frame for flying forms.
  • Scaffolding frame systems can be used as the pipe scaffolding for high-rise buildings.
  • The frame system can be used as the flexible working platform for electromechanical installation, ship hull construction and repairs, etc.
The following are the components of Coronet produced scaffolding frame system:
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