LW2000 ERW Tube Mill, 500x500mm
LW2000 ERW Tube Mill, 500x500mm
LW2000 ERW Tube Mill, 500x500mm

LW2000 ERW Tube Mill, 500x500mm

Directly Forming to Square, Rectangular Tube

The square or rectangular shaping is formed before the welding process, with significant advantages in terms of saving both energy and material costs.

  • This tube mill directly forms square and rectangular tubes with a smaller inner arc radius, flatter brim, and overall better appearance compared to traditional methods for square forming from round tubes.
  • The whole line features a low load, particularly in the sizing unit.
  • 2.4-3% material is saved by directly forming when compared to traditional methods of square or rectangular forming from round tubes.
  • It uses a multi-point bending method to reduce the forming steps, axial force, and side abrasion is bending step by step. It also saves power consumption and roller abrasion in order to ensure a higher product quality.
  • It uses a combination roller which can produce square & rectangular tubes in a variety of different specifications. This significantly reduces the roller backup requirements and costs by almost 80%.
  • The equipment is easy to adjust and requires no roller replacement for different specifications. The production line is automatically controlled, which significantly reduces the roller changing time, reduces labor, and improves production efficiency.
Production Procedures

Steel Coil → Uncoiling → Flattening/Leveling → Shear & End Cutting → Coil Accumulator → Forming → Welding → Deburring → Water Coiling → Sizing → Straightening → Cutting → Packaging

Basic Technical Parameters
Square Tube250 x 250 – 500 x 500 mm
Rectangular Tube300 x 200 – 600 x 400 mm
Wall Thickness8.0 mm – 20.0 mm
Tube Length6.0 m - 12.0 m
Line SpeedMax. 25 m/min
Welding MethodSolid State High Frequency Welding
Forming MethodDirectly Forming to Square and Rectangular Tubes
Model List
ModelSquare Pipe (mm)Rectangular Pipe (mm)Thickness (mm)Speed (m/min)

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