Multifunction Drilling Rig
Multifunction Drilling Rig

Multifunction Drilling Rig

Multifunction Drilling Rig



DZ-200 multifunction drilling rig is a lightweight, efficient crawler-type driller. It is commonly used for well drilling, well monitoring, and others, ground source heat pump drilling, in particular. In addition, the multifunction drilling rig suits use for hard and medium hard rock drilling and blast hole drilling.  The diesel-driven, self-hauling driller has wide applications in hydroelectric power, metallurgy, highway, construction materials, railways and national defense industries, etc.


This multifunction drilling rig is suitable for downhole drilling with compressed air. The movement of drill rig, drill tower and drilling tools, installation and disassembly of drilling rods, traveling, etc. are all conducted by the hydraulic system. This has greatly decreased the labor intensity, and has improved the construction efficiency and project quality.



1. This multifunction drilling rig makes uses of hydraulic drive, and mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integration design. The drill rig is safe, reliable, labor-saving, and has stable performance, low noise, easy operation, low failure rate and high cost performance.

2. The power head of the multipurpose drilling rig is driven by low-speed high torque hydraulic motor. Stepless speed regulating can be achieved by changing the delivery capacity of main pump. The output speed of power head can be steplessly regulated within 10-120 rounds/min. Due to the wide speed range, the drilling rig has wide applications and suits use for drilling various holes with different diameters.

3. Multifunction drilling rig provides removable orifice set, large drift diameter and automatic screwing.

4. The drill rig comes with chain feeding system, and stepless regulation of feed pressure and speed. Due to long feed stroke, a 3m drilling rod can be directly used to reduce the working time.

5. Multifunction drilling rig is installed with bit pressure gauge and hydraulic pressure gauge, which offers real-time display of the working conditions of the drilling tool.

6. It is driven by diesel engine and is equipped with hydraulic crawler, which could move itself with high performance.



Specifications of DZ200 Multifunction Drilling Rig

Maximum Hole Depth


Hole Diameter


Rotary Speed


Rotary Torque


Feed Power


Feed Stroke


Feed Speed


Pull Power


Drill Angle


Grade Ability


Drill Method

DTH or Rotary Drill

Travel Mode

Hydraulic Steel Crawler

Prime Mover

93kW Cummins  4BT3.9-125 diesel engine

Transport Dimension





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